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Hypnotherapy Supervision, Training and Development at HHC

Welcome to HHC Training and Development, part of the Halifax Hypnotherapy Clinic, a leading centre for hypnotherapy excellence in the North of England.

Our clinic is dedicated not just to nurturing and advancing the lives of our clients, but also the careers of both aspiring and experienced solution-focused hypnotherapists.

With a wide range of offerings including hypnotherapy training, CPD and workshops for professional development, business resources, practitioner supervision, and even personalised coaching, and mentoring, we're here to support your journey to becoming a proficient and successful hypnotherapist.

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What we offer

Hypnotherapy Supervision Sessions

Hypnotherapy CPD & Workshops

Business Development & Resources

Advanced Supervision, Coaching and Mentoring

Why Choose us?

All our supervision programs are led by John Lowson, a distinguished figure in the hypnotherapy community. John is an NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy) accredited trainer and lecturer, known for his contributions to hypnotherapy training schools across the North of England.

With accreditations from the AfSFH (Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy), SFTA (Solution Focused Training Academy), and his status as an NCH-accredited trainer, John brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that we like to pass on to other hypnotherapy professionals. 

Join Our Community of Solution-Focused Hypnotherapists

Becoming part of the Halifax Hypnotherapy Clinic's supervision group means you will be joining a community committed to professional excellence and ethical practice. Our supportive network, led by John Lowson and other esteemed professionals, fosters collaboration, learning, and growth.

Comprehensive Training and Professional Development

Stay at the forefront of the field with our continual professional development (CPD) opportunities. We offer workshops, seminars, and webinars on the latest research, techniques, and trends in hypnotherapy.

Business Supervision and Mentoring

 Benefit from personalised guidance and support through our supervision and mentoring programs. Whether you're newly qualified or looking to refine your skills, our experienced practitioners are here to help you grow.

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Join our Community of Trainee and Qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapists and Access Free Hypnotherapy Resources and Training Information

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